2 PLUS 1

Personal Profile Employed by a well-known company based in London, James Francis (right) loves moving around and meeting new faces. Known as the "sweet boy" by the other members of the group, he considers himself a great conversationalist, especially when in the presence of friends and close family. With a keen interest in the fashion industry, he enjoys going to designer shows. Other interests include football, exercising his vocals around the house and collecting records. His ambition is to do a world tour performing in leading arenas.

Chris Neblett (centre) electronics engineer based in North London experiments regularly with his keyboard and drums, constantly improving his skills. In his spare time when not following fast sports such as basketball or boxing, Chris studies history and the arts. Chris nick named Twics, considers himself a sociable, upright and upfront young man. His ambition is international media acclaim.
**************** Michael Harper (left) carpenter/joiner based in East London. Despite his busy routine in respect of working a six-day week refuses to allow any interference with his musical career. Known as Cappa, considered the "shy guy" by the other members, Michael is quietly confident and extremely ambitious. He likes to exercise physically by bodybuilding and mentally by surfing the Internet. His ambition is to achieve a number one hit in the national charts and gain recognition throughout the music industry. Collectively the group has a healthy catalogue of original songs of which to date they have completed five tracks, "Living in the West", "Show Some Love", "Time To Choose", "Jah Love" and more recently "Welcome To My World" (cover). All tracks were written based on events relevant to the members of the group. "Time To Choose", now remixed in three different styles, reggae, soul and vicola, which clearly demonstrates both the diversity and flexibility of 2 Plus 1 and our production crew.

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